2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 53 – What’d He Say?

  1. Saying “Emmett Lathrop” backwards sounds like “Time Portal”.

    The deleted scene leading into this minute showed Marty hooking up the TV and had Doc finding a Playboy in his 1985 luggage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fkVLm2G3KA

    So coming straight off the Playboy shot (which again shows Doc being slightly out of time, seeing as Playboy started 2 years before with Marilyn Monroe) a pin up makes more sense. An original script had Doc coming up with the idea of time travel when he hit over the head with a beer bottle by a woman who was offended over an illicit proposition Emmett whispered in her ear at a sexy party Doc was hosting at the mansion.

    Doc strikes me as a guy who had a LOT of fun in the sixties. (An early script for BTTF2 had Doc dropping LSD to come up with a way to save Marty.)

  2. Pete, I apologize for this, but what you wrote coepellmd me to dash out a lengthy reply…That 70s/80s art is more “Disney”, but at what cost? Remember: it was during Eisner’s reign that a lot of the standard characters art went back to something more traditional (the button-eye Mickey became prevalent on merchandise), the studio actually entered that fascinatingly evil world of animated television, and you can’t deny that the features got better and less inbred for a few years. He screwed up big time later, no denying that. But the years before he came to power were just as much a breeding ground for all kinds of ugly artwork and just awful films. Rather than Mickey looking like Adventure Time, he looked like Filmation.There are parallels to the WB characters, and the main one is that the corporate offices just don’t care about these characters’ livelihoods. Once in awhile, they’ll employ a guy who’s clearly going beyond the status quo, like that guy drawing the Hallmark Looney Tunes cards, or the guys writing and drawing compelling versions of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for Egmont in Denmark, unseen and unappreciated by American audiences. Or you. And god bless you, because you’re among the few who actually care about maintaining a standard of good drawing and integrity in a thankless vacuum.LOONATICS, like this D7 thing, was clearly a completely separate entity from the original source. I think they’ll do less harm than the Nichols/King shorts did to the Disney shorts’ reputation in general.The D7 designs are ugly to be sure, but I think the originals can rest easy. Should we see a shift in Grumpy “kiss my ass” t-shirts from the Tyla model to this hackwork, then you have every right to complain. Conversely, there does seem to be an overwhelmingly cynical campaign to shove that paramountly lame Looney Tunes Show down our throats as the ‘official’ version of the characters; something like that deserves far more disdain. (There might be hope as they realized what a POS they have on their hands and are now bringing in people that can actually draw the characters, like David Alvarez. There was already an interstitial animated using Alvarez’s work, and Porky and Daffy actually look like Porky and Daffy.)I think though, Pete, that we both agree that the work is moving towards a purer form of crap.. I just happen to think that that devolution began a lot earlier…

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