BTTF Minute 50 – The Cundey Conundrum

BTTF Minute-00050

Marty tells Doc that he’s traveled here in Doc’s time machine, but Doc hasn’t invented any time machine.

Guest: Scott Tofte

3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 50 – The Cundey Conundrum

  1. I can’t speak of when it was invented invented, but plastics exploded into common use during the first world War and thenot were a major component for world war two. Kids recycled plastic in the same way paper and can drives were a thing. Particularly in planes. Fun fact, ford motors could churn out a plane every five mins at the height of the war. Five mins! Also, I think Jimmy Stewart’s friend in Its a Wonderful Life tries to get him to invest in plastic and George refuses, and then makes a fortune off them in the war. And that movie is from 47 I think, meaning common people knew what plastic was and it’s uses by then at least.

    -your friendly neighborhood ‘someone get an historian in here!’ commenter (though one semester away from being an a credited one on paper, and two years shy of professional know it all)

  2. Plus, just realizing… Doc’s a scientist, he probably be familiar with plastics since that was a huge booming aspect of science in the 50s- using all that tech developed from the war into common day to day consumer needs. Tubing, particularly that scientists would use would be plastic

  3. Funny you guys mention watching bttf over and over again. At one point,having had bttf on my iPod, I would listen to it every day at the beginning of my shift at work for possibly six months in a row. It was convenient since I work by myself for the first couple of hours. Occasionally I would hook it up to the stereo and have coworkers come in and wonder why in the hell I would listen to a movie. Then I would tell them I do this everyday,then…well…it doesn’t really matter what they think…..awesome show guys!!

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