BTTF Minute 48 – The Universe Ending Paradox

BTTF Minute-00048

Marty gets his thigh seductively squeezed by his mother and has to leave, but he’ll see the Baines family later… MUCH later.

Guest: Scott Tofte

2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 48 – The Universe Ending Paradox

  1. A) I don’t think it was necessarily he had to put the TV together so to speak but it probably took him all day going on the roof and hooking up the antenna for it so they could get reception- I even had a momentary “oh that’s right” houses in the 50’s didn’t have the antenna for the roof already up there. He was also probably trying to figure out how the rabbit ears worked and was swearing trying to figure out how to get any reception. And if he was anything like my grandfather hitting it to get reception.

    B) And oh my god, yes! One of those boys went to Vietnam. Like, Lorraine always talks about her poor jailbird brother Joey and her poor Vietnam vet brother. “I know Uncle Milton is hard to deal with kids, but you don’t understand he went to Vietnam and it was very hard for him…”

    • I mean, I don’t think any of us actually thought Sam was putting the TV together. It was just a funny thought. I had completely forgotten about the need for an antenna on the roof though. Since I’ve been a kid, I guess I’ve just taken “rabbit ears” for granted without actually knowing how they work. So yeah, Sam was definitely on that roof all day getting that installed before futzing with the rabbit ears when we see him.

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