BTTF Minute 47 – Rewatching Reruns and Repeats

BTTF Minute-00047

Marty proclaims to the Baines family that he’s seen this brand new episode of The Honeymooners as a rerun on one of his two televisions, then asks for directions.

Guest: Scott Tofte

One thought on “BTTF Minute 47 – Rewatching Reruns and Repeats

  1. This is actually one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Mostly because I love the contrast of a family in the 50’s watching TV at the dinner table compared to the scene at the beginning get of Marty’s family in the 80’s watching TV at the dinner table. In the 50’s it’s a novelty, exciting! It’s new and a status symbol of upword mobility! A distinctly middle class thing showing the family isn’t hardscrabble. But in the scene in the 80’s it’s much sadder, the little TV is on top of the old, presumably busted, nicer TV and it’s used to show how disconnected Geore is from the family. Adult Lorraine is trying to have a nice family chat but George and Dave are off in TV land, Marty and Linda try but they know it’s futile. It’s a symbol of the working class, the downward mobility. By the 80’s the TV is now something snobby rich people would say, ‘ oh I don’t own a tv’ or ‘I barely watch anything but PBS anymore.’ The idea of eating in front of the TV by 1985 is seen as tacky, but in 1955 everyone is loving the novelty of it and clapping as Sam rolls it into the dining room.

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