BTTF Minute 46 – A Big Day for the Baines

BTTF Minute-00046

Marty meets his Uncle Joey from behind bars, then sits down for dinner with the Baines family and their new television set.

Guest: Scott Tofte

2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 46 – A Big Day for the Baines

  1. I never realized it until you read the dates the kids were born. Lorraine is the kid the Baine’s had when they first got married, WW2 broke out and Sam was drafted/enlisted, Milton was the one conceived on his leave after training before shipping out, and then no kids until he got back from the war. That explains why Lorraine is so much older than the other kids.

    • I hadn’t even thought about WWII being right in the middle of that big gap. That makes a lot of sense.

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