3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 43 – Another Damn Kid

  1. I always assumed Marty was catching up on sleep in Lorraine’s bed. Lorraine says he’d been out for almost nine hours and he was probably unconscious for some of that time, but he also hasn’t slept since before meeting Doc at the Twin Pines parking lot, and that was the night before. (For some reason, I’m real interested in how much sleep Marty and Doc get throughout the trilogy. It gets complicated.)

  2. he forgot extra puuotnilm. after marty goes to 1955 and this other marty from LP reality arrives, he’s more interested in the dead doc. what if the terrorists got their hands on the left over puuotnilm and blew up the institution and hill valley was failing. but mayor goldie wilson started working with other countries to stop nuclear wars and decided to use easy waste disposal, get rid rid of oil and built hover conversions, run by garbage. but if this is true, how could marty, doc and jennifer end up back in that alternate reality. what happened betwen 1985 and 2015 (at the end of part I and beginning of parts II?)??

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