BTTF Minute 38 – Emmett Brown, Scientist

BTTF Minute-00038

Realizing that he’s now in 1955, Marty runs into Lou’s Diner to use the phone.

Guest: Naomi Wong from Geek By Night


6 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 38 – Emmett Brown, Scientist

  1. In the 50s phone numbers were given using a name/word and a single digit for the prefix, with the first two letters of the name standing in for the first two numbers. Phone numbers in old movies were almost exclusively klondike-5 because kl5 translates to 555, the universal fake prefix for fiction. So yeah the numbers ARE seven digits, they just used to be presented differently.

  2. Again, chiming in way late, but considering that Marty just saw Doc gunned down before he jumped to 1955, he could be thinking in terms of Doc being alive.

    • I remember how cool the truck loekod on screen. It’s interesting what these movie and TV show cars go through after being famous. The original Camaro from Better Of Dead was found and restored a few years ago. Just how the guy located the car was more work than most people do in a typical restoration! And one of the originals trucks from BJ and the Bear has been restored including a trailer! Anyway, looking forward to seeing McFly’s truck restored and paired up with a time-machine DeLorean at a show some time in the, um, future.

  3. Maybe the phone book company allowed Doc the “Scientist” addition because of their complete inability to spell Doc’s name correctly. Pretty smart of Doc, though, to remind people that he was a “Scientist”, and not “Crazy”.

  4. Also wanted to add: love the quiet continuity of this this scene: Doc can’t answer his phone because he’s unconscious on his bathroom floor.

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