BTTF Minute 27 – The Worst Cameraman in Hill Valley

BTTF Minute-00027

Marty has some questions about how the Delorean works, but he isn’t overly fond of Doc’s answers.

Guest: Chris O’Connor from Geek By Night and Shredded Serial

2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 27 – The Worst Cameraman in Hill Valley

  1. I know this episode was so long ago, but I just found you guys and am loving it so far! All I wanted to say was that when Marty gets excited about whether or not the car runs on regular gasoline, I do agree that part of it shows the nature of his relationship with Doc and Marty getting excited about cool stuff happening, but I’ve always primarily interpreted the line as Marty looking to see if he could use the DeLorean to go camping with Jennifer now that his family’s car is wrecked. In his sweet hormonal brain, if the care runs on regular gasoline, he can borrow it from Doc, fill it right up and finally get deflowered at the lake!
    Big fan so far, I’m trying really hard to get caught up with everything before you finish Part III!

    • This is an AWESOME take on that moment! I’m going to bring it up on our No Roads Edition this week, we definitely need to talk about this! Thanks for listening, Lacey! Have fun catching up!

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