BTTF Minute 20 – Eleven Einies Ago

BTTF Minute-00020

A Delorean appears out of the smoke and Doctor Emmet Brown pops out to greet Marty before telling his dog Einstein to get in the car.


One thought on “BTTF Minute 20 – Eleven Einies Ago

  1. 1: When you were listing iconic movie cars, I thought of Herbie and then imagined the time machine being Herbie. Like, emerging from the fog in the back of Doc’s truck is this little stubby VW Beetle, and it like gives a puny honk when Marty sees it. I was cracking up.

    2: It’s awesome that they chose to back the DeLorean out of Doc’s van instead of having it come out headfirst. So the first thing we see of the time machine is the iconic OUTATIME license plate and the junk Doc has welded to the car; the wiring and nuclear cooling vents/whatever that stuff is. It feels very alien and science-experiment-like and dangerous. With the front of the car being pretty much unaltered, it makes sense that the audience’s first view should be the back end.

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