BTTF Minute 18 – Lorraine’s Indianapolis Speech

BTTF Minute-00018

Lorraine begins to rethink her life decisions and Marty wakes up from a nap.


4 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 18 – Lorraine’s Indianapolis Speech

  1. Also, as I said in the last post I actually have always assumed that not only are George and Lorraine that couple that got married because she got pregnant but that Lorraine was really only with George to keep Biff away from her and to spite him too. After all Biff is not a harmless and annoying paramour- his attempts on her are predatory. I mean, Lorraine is a teenage girl of the 50’s with all those brothers and sisters, it’s not like college was really on the table for her or that her mother tried to instill any ambition in her past wife and mother.

    In my mind (and yes, I’ve always thought way too hard on this) she probably could never muster up the courage to leave George (and, again, in the second movie you see she never mustered up the courage to leave Biff even though it’s a clearly abusive relationship both physically and emotionally) because by the time she realized it was too late it was three kids later and really what was she to do? He’s inattentive, but not abusive- It could be worse after all. Mine as well stay and quietly drink the boredom away…

    Also, the way Lorraine rolls her eyes at the bird watching lie always cracks me up. She damn well knew what he was doing in that tree.

  2. I’m not sure if you mention it in this minute or the next, but Marty does indeed have the wishing well photo on the wall above his bed, but it’s fairly big there, maybe even larger than 5×7. The photo he shows Doc in 1955 is wallet-sized. Which means he’s got a ton of copies of this family photo. Like the McFlys ordered a photo package with a bunch of different sizes and just…handed them out to the kids? Like they didn’t quite know what to do with all of them once the grandparents/aunts/uncles had gotten copies in the 1984 Christmas card.

    I wonder if they gave a copy to Biff oh my god.

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