BTTF Minute 13 – Suppressing the Wolf

BTTF Minute-00013

Family patriarch George McFly is bullied by his supervisor Biff Tannen while Marty watches in disappointment and shame.

Guest: Cassandra Fredrickson from The Doctor’s Companion


5 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 13 – Suppressing the Wolf

    • The posts here are intriguing and thguot provoking Stephen Hawking would be proud. However, there is on miniscule detail from the BTTF movies that has bugged me since I first watched them. It might seem trite and irrelevant, but for me, anyway, is a small detail that is of some concern like a small splinter in your ass that needs to be explained.What about Einstein (the dog in the first BBTF) whom Doc Brown alledged became the world’s first time traveler? There have been volumes of arguments and thesis’ of there being to Martys, but wasn’t Einstein, the dog, the causal ripple in this whole affair?Ok, let’s look at something a bit simpler. In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer travels back to prehistoric Springfield and finds there are dinosaurs living there. There is an annoying bug that is pestering Homer and he smashes it. Upon his arrival back in present day Springfield, Homer finds that Ned Flanders is running everything. The bug was what caused that whole syndrome. Just an aside, this episode was based on Ray Bradbury’s The Sound of Thunder .But, back to BBTF, to me anyway, Einstein the dog, was the one cause that set of the chain of events and caused the disruption in the space time continuum. The possibility of two Einsteins, or at least one Einstein that caused the whole mess, shouldn’t be discounted. Maybe it’s just me. The way I see it, Einstein the dog traveling in time (even two minutes into the future) was the jumping off point for the whole shebang. Would be interested in feedback on this. Don’t worry I’m a big boy and telling me to STFU, Stupid Boo won’t hurt my feelings. LOL

  1. George was hanging on to the handle of the Vintage TV tray caddy. It works the same way TV tray sets do now: handle in the middle, and two trays stack up on each side. The carts are designed with the odd assumption we will usually eat at the dining room table and only bring the trays out of storage for company, instead of relying on the devices routinely. Notice the McFly’s set is not in the closet. (Mine aren’t, either.)

    • The alternate dinmesion approach (which is basically the approach that Marvel and DC comics took, though that was more a matter of expedience when dealing with several dozen titles by several dozen writers where all of the characters ostensibly existed in the same universe you had to have ways to deal with potential inconsistencies) is interesting, and is really the one that the Back to the Future movies are working with. As Doc and Marty travel through time and mess with stuff, they create new dinmesions and thanks to the Delorean and the Flux Capacitor, they can travel between them. But that doesn’t explain my original confusion about why Marties from other dinmesions are doing the exact same things as Marty did in his original dinmesion.

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