BTTF Minute 115 – Spinning Off

BTTF Minute-00115

The credits are still rolling while Scott and Nick continue to tackle your emails! Topics include our favorite minute, the favorite movies of BTTF characters, a possible plot hole, Back to the Future Day, spin-offs, comic book stories, and alternate casting ideas.


One thought on “BTTF Minute 115 – Spinning Off

  1. George with Star Wars and Star Trek always makes me think that he would’ve remembered the “alien” showing up to melt his brain, and he’s just like, “… omgwtf, these two things have the same words as the ones from when I was 17….”

    Also, if anyone is going to be quietly bitter and hipster about liking something before it was cool, it would be George about science fiction. 😀

    I love the idea of Lorraine taking the kids to see ET because it feels like a little bit of George’s love of science fiction sort of touched her too, especially the sense of wonder of something really out of the ordinary.

    I kind of wonder if Revised-Lorraine would like Star Trek a little more, because for a science fiction show, there was a *lot* of social commentary in it. Original-Lorraine might be more of a Star Wars fan because of unconsciously sympathizing with Luke about being in a humdrum life and wanting something more. But Revised-Lorraine would be quite happy with George because Revised-George shares a few qualities with Captain Kirk — he’s young, brave, adventurous, filled with hope about the future, and he’d probably cut a fine figure in a uniform of some kind, even if it was a weird sort of mustard shirt with an insignia sewn on.

    Doc doesn’t watch science fiction movies because he gets too hung up on the fact that the filmmakers GOT IT WRONG to really be able to enjoy the story, I think. Whenever Doc is too wound up and frustrated with something not working right, Marty pops in a VHS tape of, like, some science fiction thing, and just lets Doc shout at the TV for a couple hours. Either that, or Marty is just so amused that Doc gets incensed. And maybe Doc has some really witty one-liners when he’s skewering these science fiction movies, so Marty’s trying not to bust a gut while nodding along and patting Doc’s shoulder about how the filmmakers were completely incompetent about researching basic science stuff.

    The idea of Doc as Marty’s best man is so freaking adorable.

    For those of us who aren’t familiar with Jason Reitman, what does he do? Does he just get a script of a movie, cast people in it, and then have a reading of the entire script?

    If not Laurence Fishburne for Strickland, then I’d say the guy who played the President in The Fifth Element.

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