One thought on “BTTF Minute 113 – Credit Where Credit is Due

  1. I actually really enjoyed listening to this background info!

    One thing I wanted to say about the costumes: I completely agree with you that the costumes in the first movie are much more iconic than they are in the rest of the trilogy. I would add that Deborah Lynn Scott did an exceptional job bringing the costumes to an almost cartoon-like level. You know how a cartoon character has his outfit and that’s what he wears all the time. It’s a big part of character recognizability. Well, Marty’s costume is all these layers: red t-shirt, white button-down, denim jacket, and The Vest. He appears in any combination of these in different scenes, but they’re all pieces of the same thing, so they all feel sort of the same. When he gets clock blocked he’s just in the denim jacket. When Doc calls him to remind him to come to Twin Pines Mall, he’s wearing the button-down. When he wakes up in Lorraine’s room, he’s wearing the red t-shirt.

    It’s a way of achieving some character continuity (and maybe saving money on costumes) while also indicating that time has passed. And it keeps it real–Marty wouldn’t wear that life preserver to school, but he would wear it out on an October night when it’s going to be cold out. He wouldn’t sleep in the denim jacket…but apparently he would nap with his jeans on like a fool.

    Random: The credits list Assistant Property Masters “Dangerous” Bob Widin. Guess that’s what the weird graffiti on 1985 Hill Valley High School refers to.

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