BTTF Minute 112 – Back to the Sequel

BTTF Minute-00112

Doc convinces Marty and Jennifer to return with him to the future so they can do something about their kids.

Guest: MrMcFlyThrillMe


One thought on “BTTF Minute 112 – Back to the Sequel

  1. Consider this a Part 1 for my comment because I can’t listen to the whole thing before work, but here we go.

    1. Remember in Part 3 how Marty’s like, “oh, btw, we need gas, there was something that started leaking when I got here.” And Doc looks utterly horrified and explains that the car component has always run on gas (continuity error — Doc says in Part 1 before the temporal experiment that “this sucker’s electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of power” [etc]). So, really, the Mr. Fusion has replaced the need for, as MMTM said, a lightning strike or stealing plutonium from terrorists.

    2. We already know from the comics that Doc went to the library at some point, and that’s where he found out about the Internet (he most likely was able to hop on a computer there too, because I work at a library, and we have computers with internet — we even have computers with Windows 7 on there, ooh). So, yeah, he found out about YouTube, killed some time with that, and haha, omg someone rigged this Mr. Fusion thing to their car.

    3. The thing that crushes me about what the Bobs did to Jennifer is that they had no idea what to do with her. Like, they felt obligated to bring her because of the joke at the end of Part 1, and it’s kind of, “Dude, you could’ve just started fresh instead of having to go straight from that joke.”

    4. “Marty, are you going to sleep with your mother?!” “No! No! I was just going to pretend to take advantage of her!” “… Marty, that is the dumbest idea in the world.”

    5. OMG. I need to see the reflection of the whole crew in the license plate. Oh, geez. That’s awesome.

    6. Could you imagine if the whole suspended animation kennel idea was subject to the same kind of thing as storage units? If you don’t pay your fees each month, do they wake up your animal and then give it away? Do they let the animal die? What happens?

    Ugh, I had trouble posting this comment, and then I forgot what else I was going to say, but here it is? :D?

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