BTTF Minute 111 – Jennifer Blocked

BTTF Minute-00111

Marty reunites with Jennifer until they are interrupted by Doc’s return from the future.

Guest: Leaper182


One thought on “BTTF Minute 111 – Jennifer Blocked

  1. Now that I’m listening to myself, I’m finding all kinds of stuff where I’m going, “Oh, man, I could’ve said something awesome there!” ^^;

    Elizabeth Shue and Claudia Wells actually makes me think of English TV. It doesn’t really happen in Classic Doctor Who, but it *definitely* happens in the Jeeves & Wooster TV show. And it’s Actor X played Character A, and then in the next season, or the season after, Actor Y (who had played Character B in the first season!) is suddenly playing Character A. Characters A and B were even in scenes together.

    Jennifer Parker as a Time Lady would be kind of hilarious, really.

    With regard to the mythology in Quantum Leap, I wonder if part of the ratings dive was because of weird stuff happening, like Sam Leaping into his great-great-great-grandfather during the Civil War (which broke the “only within Sam’s timeline” rule), and the one where Sam is an old man, and either the guy he’s Leaped into was originally kidnapped by aliens, or he witnessed an alien spaceship showing up, or something. Those episodes, at least, seemed a bit off the beaten path for QL, if I recall correctly. (There was also the chimp episode, but I can’t remember what season that was.)

    eeee, that was fun. Thank you so much for having me on the podcast. I even sound vaguely intelligent! <3 It was lovely, and wonderful. 😀

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