BTTF Minute 110 – George Ron Hubbard

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Biff comes inside from waxing the car to deliver George’s first novel and the keys to Marty’s new 4×4 truck.

Guest: Pat Driscoll


One thought on “BTTF Minute 110 – George Ron Hubbard

  1. I had never thought of Biff being in Vietnam. It’s like one of those, “… whoa.” moments. Now, if Biff were 17/18 in 1955, then he would’ve been 31/32 in 1968. That might’ve been a bit old for being drafted (I think they were drafting kids between 18-25), but I can definitely see Biff either signing up to go kill [insert the most offensive slur for the Viet Cong ever] and serving.

    Or, even better! Biff tries to sign up, and he gets drummed out because he’s convicted of all kinds of horrible stuff. But, of course, the military doesn’t bother to warn anybody because the military is desperate to not tarnish its image. Granted, the news agencies are reporting about all the baby killing and war crimes committed by our troops, and it’s all horrible, but the military was pretty shitty to soldiers who came home in general. If they had to cover up something regarding Biff, it would’ve been pretty horrible.

    … Jesus, that book summary. You just know that George was trying to avoid getting sued so badly. I mean, when that stuff starts popping up in pop culture in 1966 and 1977, you just *know* that George did double-takes. (1966 was maybe about a year before Linda was born, so Dave is already a kid at that point.)

    “An incident at age 14 made Roger shun the opposite sex.”
    “I wonder what happened to Roger…”

    Part of me has always wondered if Marty was the only one of the family who spoke to Biff like a person instead of some big, bumbling servant or something. Like, Marty wouldn’t have been told about what happened to Lorraine in terms of the attempted rape — when George and/or Lorraine try to give him the sex talk, they only very tangentially mention it, and then they immediately change the subject, so Marty has no idea that anything happened. So, he’s nice to Biff, and Biff is nice to him. I mean, I’m sure that Biff tries to pull his shenanigans with Marty, but I have a feeling he doesn’t try to pull them as much because Marty is genuinely nicer to him than the rest of the family.

    Like, remember earlier in the movie, where he bullies George in the living room? After he’s done telling George to bring him his reports on the weekend, he turns to Marty, and gives him that look like he’s almost embarrassed that Marty saw him bullying George? Either that, or Marty was one of the few people that Biff actually respected (or at least, respected more than George). I wonder if that vague thread of respect sort of survived the alteration of the timeline.

    I honestly think that Marty had the 4×4 since his birthday, at least. (Depending on when you place his birthday. A lot of people say that it’s basically MJF’s birthday, which is in June, but semi-recently, I thought it would be funny as hell if it were February 29, since Marty was born in 1968, which was a leap year.)

    Someone major is connected to the show? I found that you didn’t protest when Pat Driscoll suggested that it was going to be Michael J. Fox…. 😀

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