BTTF Minute 11 – Save the Clock Tower Lady

BTTF Minute-00011

Marty and Jennifer are interrupted by lady raising money to save the Hill Valley Courthouse clock tower. Marty gives her a quarter. She gives him a flyer.

Guest: Cassandra Fredrickson from The Doctor’s Companion


3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 11 – Save the Clock Tower Lady

    • If you could’ve seen my face when I read this. So ashamed of myself for not titling the episode this. Ugh! Too good!

  1. Well Lucifer, that is an intriguing tehory! The ostensible premise of the movies is that Marty changes the future with his actions in the past (Part I)/causes an alternate 1985 with his actions in the future (Part II).But going by the Homer-esque I wish I wish I hadn’t squashed that fish time travel logic (i.e. the smallest changes in the past can cause major ripples in the future) you’re probably right. Einstein’s going to the future first the simple fact of his breathing, bacteria or microbes living and dying and jumping back and forth from past to future should have caused the ripples as much as anything Marty did. (Of course, that would have been just a tad of a different movie.)Also I can’t remember if this is covered in the movie: How is Einstein supposed to have driven the car himself? Did Doc presumably gun the engine and leap out in the present, and then future Doc did the same to send Einstein home?

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