BTTF Minute 109 – Caroline in the Valley

BTTF Minute-00109

George and Lorraine return home still flirting after all these years, but Marty reminds them about the car getting wrecked and everyone FREAKS.

Guest: Pat Driscoll


5 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 109 – Caroline in the Valley

  1. In original-’85, Lorraine’s face was sort of circular — short and fat — but in revised-’85, they went for the elongated look. It makes her look a bit thinner, even though they didn’t really do much to her body in terms of aging it.

    The idea of George McFly being able to talk to rats is kind of awesome. Like, if there had to be superpowers in the family, George’s should be the communication with rats. Just, hi, George is now the Rat King, only without living in the sewers.

    Okay, I never noticed Marty saying, “What, Mom? What?” Omg. Ahahahaha, Marty is George’s son. <3

    That being said, it feels so extremely *weird* that Mom is teasing Marty in front of the *rest of the family*. It's just, whoa. If they were alone — like Marty is eating cereal, and Lorraine has woken up early to start making breakfast or whatever — then it would be okay. But the idea of Dave, Linda, and George having to hear about Marty's potential sex life is really creepy and weird. 🙁

    The family's reaction to the car being wrecked really makes me think that, okay, yeah, the revised version of the family is more visibly successful than they were in the original timeline, but their priorities have definitely switched. I can very easily believe that the kids would feel the pressure to be the Normal Suburban Family. Because heaven forbid that any of them turn out to be as weird as George was in the original timeline. Lorraine feels like, in this timeline, that she would want to maintain the vision of normalcy. Marty can still be Doc's friend because Doc was George and Lorraine's "friend", but nothing else outside of the norm.

      • I’ve actually seen a clip or two from that movie! I think I ended up looking for it the first time you two mentioned it on the podcast. I mean, holy cow, Crispin Glover makes friends with rats, only for someone to kill his morality pet, and then he turns on everybody and just sort of kills people? And then the rats turn on him? I’m not 100% sure I remember all of the plot, but George should totally have that as a superpower. 😀

        (It’s kind of a running joke with the rest of the family, or the kids can identify which rat is which either by fur color, personality, or some combination of the two.)

  2. Disappointed you didn’t mention the difference in Lorraine’s greeting for Dave and Linda.

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