BTTF Minute 108 – The New McFlys

BTTF Minute-00108

Marty dismisses his adventure as a nightmare before meeting a very different Dave and Linda.

Guest: Pat Driscoll


3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 108 – The New McFlys

  1. Mothers come in two brands, as far as I can tell. The first is that they can’t bear to let their eldest leave, because it means that they’re getting older, and they’re worried about the eldest and so on. The second is that they can’t bear to let their youngest leave, because then they’re *super* old, and they’re going to have to deal with empty nest syndrome, and they’re going to have to find some purpose in life other than being a Mom.

    Lorraine could be the first type, and since Dave always wears a suit to the office, she doesn’t mind him still living at home. With Linda, she literally graduated high school the year before (because of her sweatshirt in the “How screwed up is Time right now?” picture), so she still needs to save up money in order to move out. Seeing as how she’s going to be at the boutique, she sounds like she’s got a job — it’s just a matter of saving up enough to be able to make a down payment on an apartment or whatever.

    Now, personally, the way Linda comes across, she loves Marty the best, and she’s going to fight him tooth and nail for him to leave the house. She’s okay with Dave and Linda sticking around because they’re still contributing to the household (maybe they’re paying rent, or helping with utilities or whatever — my step-mom made her kids pay rent when they were living with her after they were 18, and she’s very much the revised-timeline Lorraine, though possibly much more mean-spirited). But Marty is her baby, and she wants to keep him her baby forever.

    In terms of Linda’s wardrobe, she’s dressing like she’s in her 30s or something. It’s a little weird, really. Then again, if she works at a boutique and she has to work on Saturday, she’s gotta dress like that in order to look professional.

    Okay, the idea of George and Lorraine as career criminals who help Jailbird Joey and possibly steal millions from banks or something is kind of awesome. 😀

    • GAH, stupid me. That should read:

      “Now, personally, the way Lorraine comes across, she loves Marty the best[…]”

  2. I only just noticed that when Marty enters this scene, he’s carrying what looks like a small package, which, I THINK is his tape–the one he was thinking of mailing in to a record company. If memory serves me correctly, there was an earlier scene cut from the movie that showed Marty sitting in his room, putting his tape in an envelope, thinking for a second, then tossing it in his wastebasket. Maybe there was also a scene wherein he changed his mind and pulled the tape out again? Which leads to this remnant of him carrying it out of his room?

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