BTTF Minute 107 – A Special Friday Night

BTTF Minute-00107

Marty watches on as Doc drivesĀ past toward the future, and then wakes up the next morning.

Guest: Pat Driscoll


2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 107 – A Special Friday Night

  1. I just thought that Marty fell into bed too exhausted to remember to turn off his alarm for the next day. I mean, he didn’t even get out of his clothes. And he was probably sick of worrying about clocks. He should have had a moment like the end of Poltergeist, where he took one look at his clock and thrown it out the window.

    Also, how funny/cool is it that even though the rest of the McFly house is changed in this timeline, Marty’s room has remained pretty much exactly the same?

  2. Maybe Marty heard “Power of Love” and he was like, “This would make a cool rock song.” Like, recently on the radio, I heard “The Sound of Silence” (which I loved from Simon and Garfunkel) done by Disturbed. I did a classic double-take because I remember when I heard the song when I was younger on the oldies station, but when I heard Disturbed singing it, my mind was totally blown by how cool it was.

    Yay, you did the shout-out for MrMcFlyThrillMe! The username is the last sentence in the game, which is where they got it from. šŸ˜€

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