2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 105 – Bulletproof

  1. I wonder if they decided not to do a hug with Doc and Marty after Doc survived because they felt that they’d already had the Epic Hug complete with sweeping violins back in 1955? Since the viewers are following Marty go from 1955 to 1985, some of the less-intelligent ones might think “Why’s he hugging Doc again when he just hugged him?”

    Me personally, I think there should’ve been a hug.

    (Now that you guys have mentioned the joke about Marty hugging Doc and then Doc going “owowowow” because of his ribs, I wonder if they also decided against a second hug because they didn’t want to accidentally make light of the moment because it should be this Big Emotional Moment, and if they crack a joke in there, it might lose some of the punch?)

    Any family photo with Doc and Marty needs to have Doc’s dog of that era in it. I don’t think Judge Brown allowed Emmett to have a dog when he was a kid, though. 🙁

  2. Just wanted to say that you blew my mind when you pointed out that Marty essentially replicates the Manure Maneuver on the Libyans. The saying-‘oh-my-God’-out-loud type of blew-my-mind. Overall, I really really liked this minute.

    Oh, and not quite what you were asking, but one of my favorite crossovers you guys mentioned this season was the one in which Ferris Bueller is a time traveller from the future. Still think that should be a thing.

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