4 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 104 – Alex P. Creepin

  1. There Marty is, breathless from running, and he’s gotten this enormous gut-punch because he’s already had to see Doc get gunned down once. He had done everything he could to avoid it happening again, and his worst fears are playing out right in front of him like some horrible nightmare. 🙁

    Neat factoid: Zemeckis/the film crew were looking for a mall that had that little hill so that MJF could roll down it. Not 100% sure why, but that was deliberate.

    With regard to the Back to the Future script being perfect, there’s the factoid where screenwriting classes use it as a gold standard of how to write a screenplay, because it’s an excellent example of stuff that gets introduced, and it gets resolved. (And hell, MrMcFlyThrillMe already did the meta post about how BTTF is more of a nesting egg of problems/solutions — with pretty colors too! — instead of the typical problem-to-solution progression in most movies.)

    … did you just say that Marty is Alex P. Creepin *on* Doc? 😀

  2. You talked about small details showing up in the sequels. An odd detail that stands out to me is that Loraine, as the love interest, wears purple throughout most of the movie.

    A purple-on-pink gingham dress (http://www.backtothefutureminute.com/bttf-minute-44-performing-every-emotion/) when they met, a purple skirt (http://www.backtothefutureminute.com/bttf-minute-58-a-sliding-scale-of-dreamboats/) at school the next time we see her, and then a purple sweater, (http://www.backtothefutureminute.com/bttf-minute-65-the-neapolitans/) the day she shows up at Doc’s garage.

    When Sam hit Marty with his car, Lorraine was upstairs wearing only her underclothes. It could be that Lorraine picked that dress, and subsequent outfits to match with Marty’s light purple underwear. But what makes this detail stand out to me now, is that purple was also strongly connected to Clara in the third movie.

    Clara always wore purple. Doc wore her name pin with a sprig of fresh lavender. In the final scene, Clara was marking her territory with her color because Doc, Jules and Verne each had a small bit of purple in their outfits, and the train had purple windows.

    So in the first and third movies, both female love interests wore purple almost exclusively.

    (And were both rape-danced).

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