Back to the Future Minute: No Roads Edition #26

A special “free preview” of the Patreon exclusive No Roads Edition podcast in which hosts Scott and Nick talk about all things BTTF on the weekend.

In this episode, we cover the minutes that Nick missed this past week due to technical difficulties: Minutes 23-25 of Back to the Future Part III.

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One thought on “Back to the Future Minute: No Roads Edition #26

  1. Of course the McFly family bear is tending to Marty when he wakes in 1885. It’s Hermit-Bear-Doc.

    He went and lived with the McFlys as a pet and obviously he’s worried about Marty.

    Sidenote: I wonder if Marty got knocked unconscious this often in his 1985 life.

    I just pictured a quick-cut of him knocking himself out with kitchen cabinets, on the edges of tables, school lockers, his guitar, Mr. Strickland.

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