Minute 14 – Punker is Not the Preferred Nomenclature

Scott Carelli joins us once more as we discuss the word “Punker,” more Casey Jones trauma, English sports, finding money on the street, and accents here on minute 14. Continue reading

Minute 13 – The Canseco Conundrum

In minute 13, we delve into the character of Casey Jones. What makes him tick? Here’s a hint…we think it involves something REALLY dark! Also, Scott T. is confused about 90s humor, and the gang has to explain jokes to him. Guest host Scott Carelli (Back to the Future Minute, Spider-Man Minute) joins us once more for our Wednesday edition. Continue reading

Minute 12 – But Wait! There’s More!

Poking fun at informercials may seem cliche, but in 1990, it was the thing to do! Join special guest Scott Carelli and the rest of the TMNTM gang as we dive into minute 12. The hosts also get specific about NYC shooting locations. Continue reading

Minute 11 – One-Twenty-Two…and an Eighth?

We welcome our first guest! Joining us is our producer Scott Carelli from Dueling Genre to discuss minute 11 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We discuss the fantastic character of Tony the pizza delivery guy, discuss the NYC house numbering system, and delve into a bit of childhood nostalgia. Muppet Babies anyone? Continue reading

Episode 6 – The Batman Show

The Batman Show

Brandon and Scott get nostalgic for the Dark Knight! Join the conversation as we discuss the many different iterations of Batman, superhero movies, and how much we LOVE the past!

  • Song of the week: “Bat Dance” by Prince, “Bat Out of Hell” by Meatloaf.
  • Ad Break: Spider-Man Minute
  • All music composed and performed by WarrenScottBand


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Minute 10 – Pizza Dude’s Got 30 Seconds

In minute 10, Mikey and Donny ruminate on Splinter’s words whilst sitting on a sewer pipe. What fun “couples” name did we give them? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! Continue reading

Minute 9 – Hey kids, I’m gonna die!

Minute 9 features a turtley awesome celebration in the lair! We discuss why “Tequila” seems to be so popular in this time period, as well as Splinters pretty heavy comments about mortality. Continue reading

Minute 8 – Ninja Lessons

Join us as we discuss the Ninja advice that Master Splinter gives the turtles, as well as the many music videos directed by TMNT director Steve Barron. We also discover THE FIRST NOID! Continue reading

Minute 7 – Credits, Credits, Credits

Minute 7 has us deep-diving once again into the IMDb profiles of several of the folks who made this movie. We also discuss the badassery of one Toshishiro Obata (Tatsu), and the musicality of the dialogue in TMNT. Continue reading

Minute 6 – Chevy Nova

Today’s minute of TMNT gives us the first real “hero shot” of the Turtles. Our discussion revolves around 90s slang, more credits, and a classic car that for some reason never caught on as a potential Turtle-mobile. In addition, hear the gang chat about turtle-socks, more credits, and misheard phrases! Continue reading