8.02 – Storm Warning


The Doctor finds himself on the R101 airship in 1930 where he meets a young woman named Charley Pollard as the airship finds itself at the mercy of Triskele.

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3 thoughts on “8.02 – Storm Warning

  1. Interestingly funny discussion. How will you guys go about doing Big Finish for the other Doctors? I presume you’ll just be sticking to the main range. Will you go in order of release date or attempt to go in chronological order?

    • Thanks Daniel! I have our entire schedule planned out for that. We’ll mostly be going in release order for 6 and 7 while being careful not to spoil certain events as they dovetail into each other. 5 is complicated because his BF stories happen between his TV stories, so we’ll be covering his BF stuff after we finish his TV stories but I’m not quite sure if we’ll do it chronologically or in release order.

      • Though there are timelines (I personally trust tardis.wiki’s timelines the most.) and you could do it chronologically in the case you really went far, I suppose it’s more manageable to go in release order. Assuming you skip The Sirens of Time, it would be Phantasmagoria, then The Land of the Dead, then Red Dawn, then Winter for the Adept, etc.

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