7.01 – Time and the Rani


A surprising regeneration allows the new and unstable Doctor to be manipulated by the Rani who impersonates his companion Mel to help her take control of an asteroid made of strange matter.

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2 thoughts on “7.01 – Time and the Rani

  1. Hey, so to answer Nick’s question from the end of this episode – I’ve been watching each serial about a week or so before you guys released the podcast. I had never seen The Power of the Daleks, Spearhead from Space, or Robot before so that was lots of fun. I really enjoy filling in those gaps from when I started watching Classic Who before. I rewatched Five, Six, and Eight’s because I really like them, but I had to skip over Time and the Rani because once was enough for me. If I ever see it again it will be too soon. lol

    • Glad that someone is joining us on this crazy excursion of our’s! And I don’t blame you for not revisiting Time and the Rani. I’m so glad that was almost positively the last time I’ll ever have to watch that story. Yikes.

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