10.01 – The Christmas Invasion


Rose brings the Doctor back to London just in time for Christmas, but the residual energy he is releasing from his recent regeneration attracts an alien species to Earth called the Sycorax who demand total control of the planet, with the lives of a third of Earth’s population as collateral.

Plus, we chat about the announcement of Pearl Mackie as new companion “Bill”.

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One thought on “10.01 – The Christmas Invasion

  1. Pushing up my nerd glasses and in my best comic book guy voice “UNIT stands for United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. It’s a branch of the UN based out of Geneva (see the Brigadier constantly saying that he just got orders from Geneva.) Torchwood is a secret UK organization that seeks out alien tech for the betterment and defense of the U.K. Though they know of each other and help each other (Martha from UNIT visits Tourchwood for a few episodes) they have different jurisdictions.

    The TV show Tourchwood is a branch of the real Tourchwood. The Battle of Canary Wharf wiped out Tourchwood 1 and most of Tourchwood, the Whales office is Tourchwood 2 to monitor the rift and the research division, Tourchwood 3 is in Scotland (I would assume at the Tourchwood estate) headed by some weird guy who died later on in the series.

    End nerd moment.

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