#030: Special: Draft of Weird Children’s Films and TV Shows “I am so lost …”


Special draft episode! Joe and Todd each try to select the most bizarre collection of children’s shows and movies that have ever been made. Please let us know about any strange kid’s shows we missed.

Show Notes

3 thoughts on “#030: Special: Draft of Weird Children’s Films and TV Shows “I am so lost …”

  1. Might I add the claymation movie The Adventures of Mark Twain to the list? I’ve only seen about 5 minutes of it (I was poking the internet looking for things to supplement a presentation on The Mysterious Stranger) but…well, let me just summarize the clip.

    Mark Twain opens a portal for three kids to go through and they meet a mask on a stick, who claims to be an angel named Satan. The three kids look alarmedly at one another at this information but they remain polite. Satan gives the kids fruit and invites them to make a clay people town, which he zaps alive. Satan’s mask of a face distorts as he gets annoyed with two clay people fighting amongst themselves and he squishes them. The other clay people hold a funeral and Satan starts an earthquake, destroying them all. The three kids get scared and run back through the portal when Satan’s face becomes a skull as he talks about how people have no value. Satan, alone, declares that all of existence is just a dream and he fades into a speck in Mark Twain’s eye.

    Apparently the rest of the movie is about Twain wanting to crash his airship into Halley’s Comet.

  2. I have seen the video described by Klimpalpon, but I could never remember what it was called. Note I need to find it too…

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