1.01 – An Unearthly Child


School teachers Ian and Barbara follow their peculiar student Susan Foreman after school to meet her grandfather, a man known only as the Doctor

Plus, a look at the origin of the series with “An Adventure in Space and Time”.

Finally, Steven Moffat’s departure as Doctor Who showrunner is discussed as a new executive producer is announced in the form of Chris Chibnall.

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NEXT: “Power of the Daleks: Part 1-3”

2 thoughts on “1.01 – An Unearthly Child

  1. Hey guys – first off love the new art you have for the podcast. =)

    On the reconstructions and whatnot – I never knew that they had just audio versions. I’ll have to try them in the future. Most of the reconstructions I’ve watched haven’t been bad (but they have taken so much focus). What I like are the couple of animated ones that are out there. The Invasion is a particular favorite of mine.

    I just hope that the BBC puts out that new app of theirs soon. It was never easy before trying to watch Classic Who, but now its even worse. I’m glad you guys are doing the episodes in order now – I jumped around a lot when I began watching Classic Who and this is helping me fill in what I haven’t watched yet. =) Looking forward to the next ep!

    • Thank you so much Selestina! The rebranded episodes have only gotten better as we go along, so we’re happy to have you on board already! Next episode on Sunday!

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