The Protagonist Podcast #162: Special Episode on Fan Fiction “Ron’s Ron shirt was just as bad as Ron himself.”


This week, inspired by a patron request, Todd and Joe dip a toe into the world of fan fiction. They talk about what it is, it’s gray areas, and Producer Andrew points out some iconic works of fan fiction.

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Show Notes

TMNT Minute Season One Finale Special

Scott, Chris, Rachel and Adam all under one roof! Eating pizza, drinking…drinks…and discussing the experience that was TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES MINUTE!

Join us for our very special grand finale episode where we try to wrap our heads around a movie that we’ve watched in FAR too much detail.


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SHAUN Minute 71: Truth

Shaun tells Liz about the zombies and Ed makes some noise.

GUESTS: Crystal Beth and John Robert Wilson

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Minute 81 – Women Weaken Legs

Mickey gives Rocky some advice about dating during training. After his training session, he goes home to see Adrian waiting there for him.

Guest – Pete Mummert

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Toy Story 2 Minute 11- When Your Arms Don’t Work Like They Used to Before

Woody goes to sleep and wakes up to what surely must be a happy situation, right?

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SHAUN Minute 70: Nope

Shaun gets the power turned on and discovers that zombies are gathering at the back door.

GUESTS: Johnie Powers and Mark Ybarra

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Minute 80 – You Got Balance

Rocky apologizes for being rude to Adrian. We then see Rocky training in the gym for his big fight as Mickey provides some training advice.

Guest – Mat Marchand

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