Minute 17 – Stick Your Head in Those Things

In minute 17, we’re joined once again by Mike Carlucci from “Return to Oz Minute” to discuss NYC Real Estate, and why the hell April’s boss spends so much time in her apartment. And if you liked our Casey Jones head-canon backstory, wait til you hear our April/Charles/Danny conspiracy theory!

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The Protagonist Podcast #140: River Song in Dr. Who “Silence in the Library” (S04E08) and “Forest of the Dead” (S04E09) (TV 2008) “I trust that man to the end of the Universe. And, actually, we’ve been.”


Podcaster extraordinaire Crystal Beth joins Todd and Joe for a great discussion about River Song from two amazing episodes of the TV show Dr. Who.

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Minute 16 – Fathers and Sons, and Anchovies

This week we are joined by special guest Mike Carlucci of the “Return to Oz Minute” podcast as we discuss the very poignant moment between Splinter and Raphael. Also, we eat anchovies for the first time. See what all the fuss is about!

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Clerks Minute 16: Snowball LOL

In this minute we talk Willam Black, the Charlotte Hornets college basketball team and transferring schools to be close to your man. Also the definition of Snowball.

Special Guest: Doug from Good Times Great Movies

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